A downloadable game for Windows

The Curse of Seth was created during the ARTE GAME JAM 2020 (by remote team #14)

You have been cursed by Seth, the god of chaos because you helped his sworn enemy Osiris return to life. Seth trapped you in a spatiotemporal jail where you appear as your most primary form: the fox.

You have 7 days to escape this jail kept by Seth’s best warrior. In order to defeat him, you will need to find your powers again by gathering the 7 pieces of your soul.

Seth’s henchmans will try to stop you but be careful, in this journey, time is your worst enemy!

How to play?

This is a real simple game:

With a Keyboard:

  • Z,Q,S,D for deplacements
  • Mouse for camera
  • Space to jump
  • Left Mouse to Attack

With a Gamepad (e.g. Xbox one):

  • Left Stick for deplacements
  • Right Stick for camera
  • A to jump
  • X to Attack

Technical specifications

A PC should work!

Credits - Remote Team #14

  • François HOFFSCHIR (Game design + Developer Unreal Engine)
  • Christophe GENIN (Game design + 3D environement)
  • Matthieu JEUNET (Game design + Experience Design)
  • Olivier SUDRIÉ (Game design + UI Design)
  • Cyril PERON-DEHGHAN (Music composition)
  • Tom DOUAULT (Sound design)
Special mention to Mickael, our 7th team member!

Install instructions

Unzip "CurseOfSeth" File

Launch "SethPunishment.exe"(under Windosnoeditor)


CurseOfSeth.zip 167 MB


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Updating of Curse of seth
- added intro music in the main menu
-various correction on musical changes during the day / night phases
-fixed a bug blocking the day / night cycle
-fixed a major bug that caused the game to crash
-balancing of combat phases


Hey! We know there is still bugs to be corrected. An updated version will be available tomorrow (with real ennemies and proper way to destroy them^^)

The game has been updated :)